Above & Beyond

We want to “re-program” the body. We are “upgrading” multitasking skills and challenging our attention. The exhausted body represents the gap between the things we have to keep track of in the everyday life of the 21st century, and what our bodies and consciousness are actually designed to handle. Inspired by surrealism, 60s sci-fi cinema and hipster culture of the last two decades, we deal with themes based on attributes of everyday digital life: randomness, speed and that which is instantaneous, in a scenery of an experiment. Two enigmatic characters are on stage: a scientist and the subject of experimentation, which is neither a human nor a digital/mechanic/virtual being.

Premiere: January 2018, National Theatre of the Faroe Islands.

Choreography: Daphna Horenczyk

Artistic adviser: Ariel Cohen

Performers: Búi Rouch, Daphna Horenczyk

Music: Naduve, The Residents, Lady Gaga

Props: Ilya Kull

Photos: Arale the Sizzling Shutter

Duration: 60 min.

Collaborative partners: Tanztendenz Munich, Hier=Jetzt Festival, SEAD.​

The piece is supported by the Faroese Ministry of Education, Research and Culture and the Israeli Lottery Foundation