DIORAMA: stories

DIORAMA: stories is a performance dealing with the perception of live imagery in the era of digital social media. This project is a piece which is performed simultaneously on both a real and a virtual stage. The happenings on stage will be captured by camera in real time, and curated footage will be posted online in social-media platforms as ‘stories’ in parallel with the live performance. We are creating a constantly-changing diorama on stage, morphing images from different socio-cultural contexts. The live audience witnesses the image creation process, whereas online audience sees only the final polished images.

Premiere: September 2020 at Wuk, Vienna, Austria

Concept, choreography, performer Daphna Horenczyk

Performers: Stefan Voglsinger, Dennis Dieter Kopp

Camera & social media Estudio Elgozo: Susana Ojedga, Hubert Marz

Light design Bruno Pocheron

Photos: Franzi Kreis