In Passage - rehearsal for birthing and dying, 5 performers and one musician navigate through journeys in a birthing/dying-like state. They are existing in this transcendental state of consciousness accompanying birthing and dying; a state that forces one’s entire existence to the here and now and where pain and fear become material sources of inspiration. Moving from this state of openness, perceptiveness, and alertness offers an exploration of unfamiliar territories of creativity, expansion, multiple identities, and new paths into the subconscious. As the performers gradually submerge into transcendence in stillness, movement, and in sound, the viewer is invited to dive into an individual's process of dealing with birth and death, culminating in a collective celebration of life.

Premiere: 15,16,17.02.2023

in WUK Projektraum, Vienna

Choreography Daphna Horenczyk Performers Evandro Pedroni, Martina de Dominicis, Alina Bertha, Jolyane Langlois, Alberto Ciesselo Live music NADUVE Light design Bruno Pocheron Costume design Evandro Pedroni Outside eye Costas Kekis Production management Sophie Menzinger Photography Franzi Kreis, Leo Pill Video Trianglestudios.vienna

A co-production by Daphna Horenczyk and WUK Performing Arts.

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport Austria (BMKÖS) and Im_Flieger, Arbeitsplatz, Raum33 - Company Elio Gervasi, Bears in the Park.